Who we Are 


Masters in Music and Technology from New York University                                

Bachelors of Arts and Sciences from Boston College 

Certificates from Sweetwater Sound, Berklee Online , and Rec Workshop

Thirty years combined experience: 

Sound Design, Composing, Mixing, Mastering, Producing, Editing, Restoration, ADR,  Foley, Recording, Singing, Producing, Guitar, Vocals

Meet Sarah Lambert

Sarah grew up in Florida singing in numerous choirs. She started learning music theory in high school and went on to be a music and theatre major at Boston College. Afterwards, she moved to New York where the AES convention cemented her love for audio. She graduated NYU's masters program in one year while working in the Dolan Studio as assistant recording engineer. After graduating, she worked at Sweetwater Sound as a Sales Engineer and created content with Sweetwater's marketing team. 


Meet Ian McGhee 

Ian is a musician and an audio engineer. He is a metal vocalist and guitarist in the bands Denying Remorse and Signals. Ian received a degree in live sound and recording from the Recording Workshop and worked at Sweetwater Sound for almost a decade selling gear.