Sound Design Reel Features: 

A complete redesign of Hogwarts Legacy

A complete redesign of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Master's Thesis: Testing the viability of a real time vocal filter placed on the incoming audio of a player's own voice. the reverb mimicked an echo effect that adapted to the player's position in different environments. Designed for VR, this filter served to enhance the immersion of the player and was effective in larger rooms where latency was not an issue. 
The Viking Village in Unity is sonically populated using audio incorporation techniques including occlusion, distance crossfade, 2d and 3d effects, randomly occurring sources, automated mixer snapshots, and more.

A roller ball's sound changes when rolling at different speeds or moving behind barriers.

Footsteps Lite Soundpack Small

Check out the Footsteps Lite sound pack! Available in the Unreal marketplace and Unity asset store.